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1660's-1690's Justacorps 

-Wool with linnen lining. 

-Buttons Are Hand Made

-All Hand finished

-Starting at $385.00





Common Mans Work/Sailors Coat

-Wool With Linen Lining

-All Hand Finished

$245.00 with two button cuff

Also Available In All Linen



Boot Cuff Justacorps

-All Hand Finished


  also  available in  all  linen $340.00


1600's Britches


-All Hand finished


all  linen  $170.00


Early 1600's Scalloped Wings Doublet

-Wool With Linen Lining

-All Hand Finished  




Mid To Late 1600's Mens Work Coat

-Rolled Back Cuffs

-Wool With Linen Lining

-All Hand Finished


all  linen  $190.00

#7 - 1600's Linen Work Cap - $14


#8 - 1600's Linen Shirt - $105.00


#9 - Mid To Late 1600's Waistcoat   in  wool  $235.00    


#10 - 1600's- 1700's Heavy Linen Haver Sack - $50.00



 Linen Comman Mans/Sailors Work Coat



17th  cent  waist coat.   100% linen   All  hand  finished   .   starting  at  $220.00 

wool with  linen lining    $235.00

17 century      waist  coat 

all  linen  42  button  on  front  alone 

all  button  hand made 




   over  40  buttons   on  this  waist coat

         16th&17th century   work  or  sailors smock short sleeved

 made  to  cover   dubblit 


wool with  linen   hand  made  cloth  ball  buttons 


justacorps  red  wool, blue  linen over  60  hand  made  buttons $410.00      also  with  metal  buttons  


17 century Breeches  wool with  linen  lining cloth covered  buttons    very full  cut 


17th  cent.  doubblet

cloth covered  ball buttons 



          belly piece reenforcement 

# 8  17th cent.  shirt   100% linen

  ties  or  buttons

 larger  than  are  18 th cent .  shirt 




  16th,17th century 

Common man s  Doublet 

  Wool with  linen  lining with  cloth ball buttons  all  hand finished 



    inside   of  doublet  showing  the   eyelet band .  used  to  hold  up  breeches  .


  17 th  Century   Cassock 

  work  pull   over   wool   linen  lined 


also  in  linen  canvas  $150.00















  1610  breeches

  wool  linen  lining  $265.00

 Available in  all  linen $245.00

  waist  band  has  eyelets   








Petty coat  Breeches 
Lined ,  all  linen
almost  8  yrads   of  linen   in  these  
  $ 235.00

 17th century 

under  waer   all  linen 



17th  century  cassock 

  Wool  linen lining  $190.00

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